Make a Donation

TL4C appreciates your support for this important initiative.  If you would like to donate, you can do so below.  Every person or organization that makes a donation to TL4C will receive a free badge and letter of recognition from our chairman.

Donate through PayPal or make checks payable to TL4C and mail them to the following address:

TL4C c/o Mike Whitsitt, Chairman

4800 Rainbow, Suite 100

Westwood, KS 66502-1932


Together We Can Take Back America

    • Washington                     $25 to $50
    • Adams                             $51 to $100
    • Jefferson                         $101 to $200
    • Madison                          $201 to $300
    • Monroe                           $301 to $400
    • Franklin                           $401 to $500

While TL4C is a tax exempt organization in the State of Kansas, It is not yet a tax exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Code.

P.S. Another way to donate would be to buy a few TL4C clip-on badges for your family, friends and associates. The clip-On badges are 2 ½  inches in diameter and printed with the TL4C logo. Minimum order is ten badges @ $1.50/ea. plus 20 cents/ea. for postage.

Thanks in advance for your support,