Founding Fathers of TL4C

US Term Limits For Congress

TL4C was started by a group of concerned citizens who are fed up with career politicians who put themselves and their personal agendas ahead of the well-being of the people and our country.

  • We believe a constitutional amendment to limit congressional terms of office is not a pipe dream but absolutely essential for our nation and future generations.
  • We believe that our fore fathers who pledged their “lives, fortunes and sacred honor” should be honored for their sacrifices, applauded for their principles and revered for their courage to create the United States of America.
  • We believe that “government of the people, by the people and for the people” should not be abridged by political greed, self proclaimed aristocrats or career politicians.
  • We believe the United States of America is the embodiment of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution as originally envisioned by our  Founding Fathers.


2013 Board of Directors

Mike Whitsitt

Raised in Prairie Village, KS
Purdue University, BS
Michigan University, JD 1970
Lawyer, Sole Practitioner for 41 years
Johnson County Resident for 66 Years
Three Children
Married for 29 Years
Born in 1947
Chairman of TL4C

Bob Poduch

Raised in Chicago
Sr. Vice President Pepsi-Cola General Bottlers 42 Years
Resident of Johnson County for 25 Years
Married 35 Years
Two Children
Born 1936
TL4C Board Member

Don Kjellerson

Raised Enderlin, ND
U.S. Coast Guard 3 Years
Enid Business School
Accounting Manager 15 Years
Resident of Jackson County for 19 Years
Married for 57 Years
Five Children
Eight Grand Children
Four Great Grand Children
Born 1932
TL4C Board Member

Stu Lang

Raised in Rockford, IL
Southern Methodist University, BBA Finance
University of Houston, JD
Stanford University, Graduate School of Credit & Finance
· FNB President for 14 Years
Johnson County Resident for 22 Years
Married for 43 Years
Two Children
Born in 1947
TL4C Board Member

Paul Styers

Raised in Denver, CO
United States Navy 1960-1964
Regis University, BS 1967
Independent Business owner for 49 Years
Johnson County Resident for 36 Years
Married for 45 Years
Two Children
Born in 1941
TL4C Board Member

Tim Tierney

Raised in Wichita, KS
Wichita State, BS/MS in Engineering
Mechanical Engineer for 51 years
Resident of Johnson County 39 Years
Married for 48 Years
Three Children
Born in 1939
TL4C Board Member

George Gates

Raised on a farm in Worth County Missouri
University of Missouri, BS 1964
U of MO, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine  1966
Officer in United States Public Health Service 1966-1968
Private practice 1969 to present
Resident of Johnson co. KS 40 years
Resident of Jackson Co. MO 8 yrs.
Married 46 years
Three children
Seven grand children
Born 1942
TL4C Board Member

Joe Clark

Raised in Denver, CO
University of Colorado
Independent Business Owner for  9 Years
Resident of Denver County for 71 Years
Married for 52 Years
Four Children
Born in 1942
TL4C Board Member